DocLisboa with more Portuguese cinema and more world premieres

The DocLisboa International Film Festival, dedicated to the documentary, this year will have more Portuguese cinema and more world premieres, reflecting the pertinence and relevance inside and outside the doors, said Cíntia Gil, the director.

DocLisboa, which begins on the 18th, “fulfilled two important objectives,” Cíntia Gil said in a presentation to journalists: “Continue to be a reference point for Portuguese films” and “continue to be a relevant and internationally relevant festival” .

According to the director, there are more Portuguese films in programming, “films of different generations, different writings, different durations. The festival is only pertinent when the medium, from which it is born and in which it is inserted, recognizes it.”

The selected national production includes, among others, ‘Casa Encantada’, by Júlio Alves, ‘Extinction’, by Salomé Lamas, ‘Avenida Almirante Reis in 3 stages’, by Renata Sancho, ‘A (im) permanence of the gesture’ by Manuel Botelho, ‘Terra Franca’ by Leonor Teles, and two films by Jorge Cramez – ‘Antecâmara’ – which is part of the international competition – and ‘Actos de Cinema’.

The international competition, made only with world premieres, includes Orwa al Mokdad’s ‘Resurrection’, a documentary between Syria and Lebanon, and ‘Goodnight & Goodbye’ by Yao-Tung Wu.

The direction of DocLisboa had previously announced much of the program, with some new features being added today, namely Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ exhibition on Donald Trump’s administration, ‘The Plan’ by Steve Sprung, on work, and ‘The Silence of others’, look of de Almudena Carracedo and Rovert Bahar on victims of the Franco regime in Spain.

From the program, the retrospective, in partnership with Cinemateca, dedicated to the Colombian director Luis Ospina, who will be in Lisbon, is also worth mentioning.

“Even in Europe I realized that this retrospective with this breath is unprecedented and we are on the ground that we think is ideal, that is to go mapping the evolution of the documentary in the world and, in this case, through an author who brings with him a whole Latin American context, Colombian cinema and a very local center, “said Cinemateca director José Manuel Costa.

In the ‘Heart Beat’ section were included ‘Friedkin Uncut’, Francesco Zippel’s film about the director of ‘The Exorcist’, but also documentaries about Depeche Mode, Blue Note or Rostropovich, and a tribute to Aretha Franklin with ‘The Blues Brothers’ by John Landis.

DocLisboa once again occupy the spaces of Culturgest, São Jorge cinema, Cinematheque and Cinema Ideal. The opening is secured with ‘The Waldheim Waltz’, Ruth Beckerman’s film about the former UN secretary general who hid the past during the Nazi regime. This film is Austria’s nominee for an Oscar nomination.

The closing of the festival, on the 28th, will be on behalf of ‘Infinite Football’, by Corneliu Porumboiu.

In this issue, DocLisboa seeks to be more inclusive, with an audiodescription session for the blind and visually impaired, on the 19th with the film ‘Shut up and play the piano’ by Philipp Jedicke.

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