Documentary about heavy metal wants to “change mentalities”

The first documentary of Portuguese heavy-metal is about to be screened to tell the story of a style of music little cherished, bands that have fallen into oblivion and a mentality that is intended to be altered.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, the author of the work, João Mendes, explained the reasons that led him to have this initiative never before made in Portugal, counting on the testimonies of several groups, in particular the Portuguese band more international, Moonspell.

“This film has come a long way so as not to lose the memory of these bands and the people involved, it was a lot in this line and with the power to go get as many witnesses as possible from these people.This style of music is a niche and was a bit neglected” , began by telling João Mendes, about the film that has the anthem scheduled for October 6 in Santo Tirso.

The author explained that the initiative came exclusively from himself, but he counted on his sister’s fundamental help in the production, in a work that brought together “the two worlds”: the taste for metal and audiovisual cinema.

One of the messages that João Mendes intends to pass on to the public is related to the way in which a very own style of music is seen, in which “the least perceptible” ends up being negatively highlighted.

“In the heavy metal there are things for all tastes, things more and less perceptive, but what comes to the surface is the least perceptible and that nothing is perceived of what [vocalist] ] says, “he lamented.

As for the difficult international projection of the Portuguese bands, João Mendes recognized that it is fundamental to have a good base, referring then to the Moonspell.

“There are bands [who manage to make the leap] and one that is the most international ever, the Moon [spell]. They managed to play, they held on and they continue to represent the country out there. , a foreign publisher, a strong base and that makes it easier. We have other bands too that are trying to play, but it’s not easy, “he argued.

The ambition is not only for selling in dvd format, which is going well, according to the author. Participation in festivals is also another goal, but considers promotion through the media essential.

“We have two festivals [in which we want to be].” The Porto / Post / Doc, in Porto, and the MUVI in Lisbon, let’s try these two. of the dvd and promote it on radios, televisions and even in the press, because through the internet and on Facebook everything is still confined and needs to ‘go out’.

The preview of the documentary on October 6 is scheduled for 4:00 pm at the auditorium Eng. Eurico de Melo in Santo Tirso and will be followed by the performance of Portuguese bands Equaleft and Blame Zeus at the Kraken Rock Pirate Pub.

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