Documentary ‘O labirinto da Saudade’ has British premiere on Saturday

The documentary ‘The Labyrinth of Saudade’, by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, a cinematographic adaptation of the homonymous work of the philosopher Eduardo Lourenço, premieres in British halls Saturday in Newcastle, in a session with the presence of the director.

The director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, who also performed ‘José e Pilar’ (about José Saramago) and ‘Autografia’ (about Mário Cesariny), will participate in a question and answer session at the Star and Shadow cinema, as part of a session promoted by Camões Institute and the Portuguese Consulate in Manchester.

Eduardo Lourenço is the protagonist and narrator of his own history and goes through corridors, paths, rooms and landscapes that represent the “labyrinth of his mind” and the corners of his memory, always in search of an answer to the question “what is being Portuguese “.

In this way, he confronts the “traumas” of the historical past – such as dictatorship, slavery and colonialism – seeking to understand what defines the Portuguese as a people, and why they have become a “nation condemned since its origin to exhaust in dreams greater than herself. ”

As he walks through the labyrinth of his mind, Eduardo Lourenço recalls some ghosts of the past, such as his wife Annie Salomon (who died in 2013), and crosses with friends of his present, figures of Portuguese-speaking culture like José Carlos Vasconcelos, Diogo Dória , Gonçalo M. Tavares, Gregorio Duvivier, or the astrophysicist José Afonso, who assume the role of interlocutors and conductors of the reflections written in the book.

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