Documentary with Portuguese participation wins Oscar

‘Free Solo’ received the golden statuette for Best Documentary.

Although Portugal has no Oscar nominees, one of the films that were nominated had Portuguese participation. It is ‘Free Solo’ that won the Oscar for Best Documentary and that had two Portuguese sound team: Nuno Bento and Joana Niza Braga.

The two worked from Loudness Films studio in Lisbon. Nuno Bento, the foley artist, and Joana Niza Braga, the foley mixer, recreated the sounds of the documentary, in this case, Alex Honnold’s free climb to El Capitán, one of the iconic mountains of Yosemite National Park in the United States.

Noticias ao Minuto had the opportunity to speak with Nuno Bento who explained the importance of foley work.

Normally the people who are filming are worried about having a good capture of dialogues, more than anything else, and in order not to compromise the quality of the dialogues, all the objects that are in the space where the scene is being shot are neglected in capitation. Part of the foley job is to bring them back to the scene, “he said.

Nuno Bento and Joana Niza Braga had already been distinguished for their work in ‘Free Solo’.

Alex Honnold’s climb to El Capitán is considered one of the greatest athletic achievements ever made. ‘Free Solo’ was performed by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

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