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Domingo Soares Oliveira against the creation of a European League

The SAD administrator of Benfica said today at the Web Summit in Lisbon that he does not support the creation of a European League that leaves out some of the most traditional European clubs.

“The creation of a League that brings together the biggest European clubs has the merit of challenging those who are not growing, but when we find out that clubs with a great history and legacy in European football are missing, personally I do not support the idea,” said Domingo Soares Oliveira, who defended the creation of other models that allow the clubs greater financial sustainability.

“Playing less domestically certainly helps the treasury, but any fan will say that our biggest opponents are Porto and Sporting, not Barcelona and Real Madrid,” he said.

As for the model that Benfica is following, when asked about the need to win but keep the club stable and financially sustainable, the manager of the ‘eagles’ stressed that the priority is the achievements on the pitch.

“If we ask our partners, they want good results in the field without destroying the sustainability of the club, but we do not want to win the club. are focused on financial income, “he said.

Already on the strategy that Benfica is using to reach new achievements, Domingo Soares Oliveira stressed the increasing importance that technology has in the club and, specifically, in its budget.

“The technology is helping the club find players at the right time, it is also helping us to develop the players’ performance, and it helps coaches make the decisions, I can reveal that we invest millions in technology every year and our next goal is to develop predictive models around the players and the team, “he concluded.

The technological, innovation and entrepreneurship summit Web Summit was born in 2010 in Ireland and moved to Lisbon in 2016 and is expected to remain until 2028 at the Altice Arena (formerly Meo Arena) and the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) in Lisbon.

Around 70,000 participants from more than 170 countries are expected to attend this third edition of the event in Portugal.

This year’s edition takes place between November 05 and 08.

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