Domingos Loureiro wins the International Visual Arts Award

Domingos Loureiro won the prize, which has a monetary value of 7,500 euros, with the work “A Natureza nas Mãos”.

The announcement of the winning artist was made at the closing session of SIAC #5, on Sunday, at Museu da Guarda, according to a note from the municipality. The visual artist and fine arts teacher Domingos Loureiro, born in Valongo, was unanimously chosen by the competition’s jury.

Within the scope of the same competition, honorable mentions were given to plastic artists Ângela Fonseca and Filipe Matos, and distinctions for their promising works were awarded to Eduarda Ferreira, Marta Leite and Xiang Xinying. In the same session, an exhibition was inaugurated that brings together 22 of the 52 works that were in competition under the award and which will be open until the 29th of August.

Created in 2021, the International Prize for Plastic Arts – Cidade da Guarda aims to promote and publicize artists and Contemporary Art. The awarding of the award was unanimously approved by the municipal executive led by Carlos Chaves Monteiro, on March 22 of this year.

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