Domingues and Sreya confirmed for ‘Rádio SBSR.FM Em Sintonia’

The schedules for concerts by Rádio SBSR.FM In Sintonia are already available, so that you can plan in advance the best itinerary for the three rooms where the concerts will take place on December 17th and 18th.

There are last-minute news on the announced schedule: two new confirmations from Domingues and Sreya who will perform on the Ermelinda de Freitas Stage (Sala Fernando Pessa), on the 17th and 18th, respectively.

Diogo Domingues debuted in music at just 11 years old. He studied violin at the music conservatory for five years until he abandoned those studies to switch from violin to guitar-in self-taught mode.

Sreya makes songs in a light but committed way, in a frank mixture of reality with a very own fantasy. After “Emocional” (2017), which brought us songs in a worldbeat format, produced by Conan Osiris, with melodies and language both strange and familiar to Portuguese music, now comes “Cãezinha-Gatinha”, a pop ocean drained by several affluents – this time the production was in charge of First Lady and Bejaflor.

With these two new confirmations, the poster already announced registers some changes of stage: Chico da Tina and Afonso Cabral will act on the Super Bock Stage (Arena), and Pedro de Tróia and Ivandro will act on the Santa Casa Stage (Sala Tejo).

December 17th

  • Super Bock Stage – ProfJam & benji price, Chico da Tina, Conjunto Cuca Monga, GANSO
  • Santa Casa Stage – “Closer Integral 2020” Joy Division 40 years later, by Flak, Alexandre Cortez, Luís San Payo, Filipe Valentim, João Peste and Nancy Knox; Paulo Bragança; Ivandro
  • Ermelinda Freitas Stage – Amaura, Hause Plants, Domingues
  • Auditorium – Conference Cycle “The Music Industry in the current context”

December 18th

  • Super Bock Stage – Capitão Fausto, Papillon, B Fachada, Afonso Cabral
  • Santa Casa Stage – Filipe Karlsson, Pedro de Tróia, IAN
  • Ermelinda Freitas Stage – Jasmine, Acid Acid, Sreya
  • Auditorium – Conference Cycle “The Music Industry in the current context”

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