Dona Uva’s grape harvest started today

The harvest of table grape Dona Uva started this Monday and the brand of the Organization of Producers Frutalmente arrives at the table of the Portuguese already this week, after months of growing in the regions of the West and Ribatejo.

Frutalmente estimates a production of 3 million kilos of table grapes. The first of the 8 varieties to be marketed will be Cardinal, a crunchy grape with a light and fresh flavor. The campaign is expected to extend over three months.

Produced in open-air vineyards, without the use of greenhouses and plastics, Dona Uva is born in Ribatejo and in the West region, on the lands of Frutalmente associate producers, the first and only Table Grape Producers Organization in Portugal.

By 2022, the organization is investing four million euros in increasing the production area and modernizing its infrastructure. Currently the production of table grapes occupies about 200 hectares.

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