Douglas Dare back to Portugal for four concerts

British musician Douglas Dare will return to Portugal this Friday for the first of four concerts

Enough of a concert in the Netherlands, after others that took him to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France, in just nine days. In this return that will pass through four cities (Porto, Braga, Coimbra and Lisbon), the British singer-songwriter Douglas Dare recovers in Portugal the audiences that the pandemic subtracted from the promotion plans of his latest album, Milkteeth (2020). After the Lusitanian incursion, which begins at M.Ou.Co. (this Friday, at 9:30 pm) – the most recent cultural space in the city of Porto -, Douglas Dare’s music goes on tour to Belgium and his native country.

Minimalist classic pop, avant-garde music… the difficulty in cataloging Douglas Dare’s artistic identity leads many to compare him to names like Thom Yorke and James Blake. Be that as it may, Dare’s sounds often flow between piano lines, arpeggios and lyrics that speak of childhood innocence, the vulnerabilities of youth and other simple experiences in life, with lyrics deliberately stripped down, but very familiar, from the first listen. . Often under the cadence of ballads “for the new generations”, as some see them.

The songs are, with each theme, “elegantly moody”, thanks to Douglas Dare’s haunting voice.

Increasingly confident and comfortable with his identity, the artist created in this latest work his most intimate LP, where he confesses to us, in a minimal way, all the joys and sorrows. And where he even went through the pandemic context, which sharpened his ingenuity for some of the videographies supporting one or another theme…

Douglas Dare’s career is still relatively short, but he is on the rise. It even contemplates some very special moments. Among them, the reinterpretation of the theme “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, in 2017, after an invitation to the exhibition about Leonard Cohen “A Crack In Everything”, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Montréal. Not forgetting the invitation made by musician and composer Robert Smith (The Cure), to perform at the Meltdown Festival, at the Southbank Center, in 2018. And also, in 2019, the performance at the Manchester International Festival, together with Anna Calvi, at the invitation of film director and composer David Lynch.

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