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Douro Wine Region virtual visit

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Experience an online visit at Douro Wine Region, Landscape heritage of mankind virtual visit.

Cultural Heritage
The Alto Douro Wine Region is a particularly representative area of ​​the landscape that characterizes the vast Douro Demarcated Region, the oldest regulated wine-growing region in the world. The cultural landscape of the Alto Douro combines the monumental nature of the Douro river valley, made of steep slopes and poor and rugged soils, with the ancestral and continuous action of Man, adapting the space to the Mediterranean-type agricultural needs that the region supports.

This close relationship between human activity and nature allowed the creation of an ecosystem of unique value, where the characteristics of the land are used in an exemplary way, with the modelling of the terraced landscape, preserving it from erosion and allowing the cultivation of the vineyard. The region produces the famous Port wine, representing the main driving force behind the technology, culture, traditions and local economy.

The great human investment in this landscape of singular beauty has made it possible to establish populations since the distant Roman occupation, and it has resulted in a living and evolving reality, at the same time testimony of the past and the engine of the future, solidly anchored in the optimization of natural resources and preserving ambiences.

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