Drawing Room Lisboa returns in October

The organization of Drawing Room Lisboa adapts its edition this year to a version of a face-to-face fair where works from national galleries and artists will be presented and marketed, and an online version where international galleries join. Following all the rules of the DGS], the Fair will take place from October 14th to 18th, at the National Society of Fine Arts.

In the 3rd edition, the emphasis will be on contemporary Portuguese design, giving priority to national galleries and artists in the physical space of the fair, as well as some Spanish galleries due to the presence of the counterpart Drawing Room Madrid.

Among the galleries present are Filomena Soares, Uma Lulik, Modulo, Carlos Carvalho, Bruno Murias, Fonseca Macedo and Kubik.

The Drawing Room will give space and voice to artists without a gallery, in a curatorship invited by the Fair, in a collective show also available for sale, contributing to the cultural and commercial recognition of the creative work of a generation of artists.

One of the spaces will be dedicated to the Italian phenomenon of ‘alla misura del uomo‘ cities, small old cities with a vibrant artistic life.

Through the fair’s website, it will be possible to access a platform where contemporary art collectors will be able to explore the selection of works that each participating gallery has prepared for this digital project.

This year, the parallel programming will take place mostly in digital and live format, maintaining an active daily program, shown from the library of the National Society of Fine Arts for all interested parties via ‘online’.

The live collectors program will focus on Portuguese and Spanish collectors, with appointments for visits and meetings with artists during the fair, as well as an online complement of DR Lisboa in digital format, with the creation of live moments exclusive to the international collectors program from other countries and markets.

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