Dream People announce new album and release video with João Reis Moreira

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DREAM PEOPLE has just released “People Think”, Almost Young’s first single, the band’s new album to be released next March 12th. The video clip includes the participation of dancer João Reis Moreira.

After making their debut with Soft Violence – considered one of the best Portuguese albums of 2020 by the Spanish blog Mindies – and performing at emblematic festivals such as the Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival (Sobe à Vila), Dream People now release “People Think”, Almost Young‘s first single, album to be released on March 12th.

“Today we launched “People Think”. It is the most joyful song on our new album, but also the one that has the harshest message: sometimes, at certain times in our lives, we end up forgetting what we were in our youth. We all have this fear of losing ourselves and this song reflects that.”Dream People

It is based on this contradiction between an ideal past and a present in which the subject is confronted with wasted life, that João Reis Moreira – a dancer known mainly for his work with Conan Osiris – lends his performance to the video clip made by Andreia Pereira da Silva and produced by Maus da Fita.

“I ended an unlikely year playing an unforeseen song, which brought me to a sense of cooperation and collaboration, more than ever necessary. I gave body to this music projecting all the yearnings and needs of a year. I danced the tie of the will with apathy, I ran after the time that doesn’t hold on, until I realized that the song spoke directly to me: I miss everything about that kid who danced all night, because I lost sight of him.” -João Reis Moreira

Almost Young is above all a dialectical record. An assumed exercise of musical chiaroscuro, in which lightness and love coexist with pain, loss and loneliness, often within the envelope of a single song. Dream People do not give up on showing the various colors and dimensions of their songs, even if it means longer songs. That is where the depth of their work lies.

In “People Think”, for example, we find a seemingly optimistic and even euphoric song – reminiscent of the eighties – but which is accompanied by a confrontational lyrics, in which the finger is pointed at who, as life goes on, becomes obsolete. Those who become adults fall into a numbing routine and lose their very essence. To those who forget youth.

This idea of ​​abandonment and loss of youth is transversal to every record. It mirrors the fears and anxieties of the five members of the band: the fear of changing skin, of transformation. The fear of leaving the nest and landing in the real world.

The enormous anguish of being almost young but not being able to be again, because that time just doesn’t come back. Almost Young is an album about the end of an era. And it is also, once again, a happy and sad record, which even at high moments hides a black layer of melancholy and pain, only accessible to the most attentive ear.

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