Dream People launch new album with a listening party and new video clip

The Dream People have just released “Talking of Love”, last single from Almost Young, the band’s second disc to be edited on March 12. The Lyric Video was made by vocalist Francisco Taveira.

After debuting with Soft Violence – considered one of the best Portuguese discs of 2020 by the Spanish Blog Mindies – and from presenting in emblematic festivals such as the Vodafone Paredes Festival of Coura (Soves to Vila) Dream People now launch your second album, Almost Young. “Talking of Love” is the single comes to close this new stage of the Lisbon band.

“Talking of Love” is a multidimensional and kaleidoscopic song, such as the video. The music starts from an almost industrial environment, at a pace similar to that of a mounting line, but it will progressively open and turning into a damaging pop indie and stuffed from layers that are complementing each other. The result is an authentic journey, in which the main theme is freedom.

“Talking of Love is a castle of metaphors that refers to a kind of revolution. A personal and intimate revolution of individual freedom and spirit, for which we should all pass. For this reason, even if using symbols, “less comfortable” themes, such as sex and religion and describes the need for abandonment of all corsets and limitations that prevent us from reaching what we truly want to be, to our truth.” -Francisco Taveira

“Talking of Love” transparent, therefore, the key concept of the new Dream People disc: the concept of youth loss. “Talking of Love” functions as a reminder of the importance of, in this way of transformation, if you maintain the essence of what we are and never lose this same freedom of spirit.

The idea of ​​abandonment and youth loss is transversal to any album. It mirrors fears and anguish of the five members of the band: the fear the change of skin, transformation. The fear of leaving the nest and landing in the real world. The huge anguity of being almost young but could not be able to be back, because that time simply does not return. Almost young is a disk on the end of an era. And it is also, once again, a happy and sad album, that even in the high moments hides a black layer of melancholy and pain, only accessible to the more attentive ear.

Almost young is above all a dialectic disc. An assumed exercise of Musical Chiaroscuro, in which lightness and love coabit with pain, loss and loneliness, often within the casing of a single song. Dream People do not give up showing the various colors and dimensions of their songs, even if that involves greater duration songs. That’s where the depth of your work lies.

Although the songs have been revealed since January, the new disc of the Dream People will be officially edited on March 12. Because of the pandemic there can be no live concert, but Almost Young will not fail to have his presentation party. On the day March 14, at 9:30 p.m., there will be a listening party in Livestream on Facebook of Dream People, with conversation with the various elements of the band, surprise guests, hobbies and obviously hearing the disco. The host will be José Raposo da art-facts.

The Dream People are Francisco Taveira (Voice), Bernardo Sampaio (guitars and Synths), Nuno Ribeiro (Guitar and Synths), João Garcia (Low) and Diogo Teixeira de Abreu (Battery). They were born in 2019 and has since assumed their space in the Portuguese musical panorama. Its clear evolution was finally recognized when in early March were selected to represent Portugal this year in one of the world’s largest music showcases, ILMC, along with the artists Surma, Whales and Lina_ Raül Refree.

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