Dream People present new album in several rooms across the country

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Released last March, Almost Young, the new album by the Lisbon indie quintet Dream People, has conquered the public and critics in Portugal and abroad, even being dubbed as “one of the most beautiful moments of Portuguese music of 2021” (Fact Spreads).

Almost Young is above all a dialectical record. An exercise in musical chiaroscuro assumed, in which lightness and love coexist with pain, loss, and loneliness, often within the envelope of a single song. Dream People do not renounce to show the various colors and dimensions of their songs, even if this implies longer songs. Therein lies the depth of his work.

The idea of ​​abandonment and loss of youth runs through every record. It mirrors the fears and anguish of the five members of the band: the fear of skin change, of transformation. The fear of leaving the nest and landing in the real world. The enormous anguish of being almost young but not being able to be young again, because that time just doesn’t come back. Almost Young is a record about the end of an era. And it is also, once again, a happy and sad record, which even in high moments hides a dark layer of melancholy and pain, only accessible to the most attentive ear.

Almost Young will now be performed live on various stages and cities across the country. On June 12th, Bang Venue, in Torres Vedras, will receive the Lisbon band for the first official concert of this tour. A week later, on June 18, Dream People will move to Coimbra, where they will perform at Salão Brazil.

The band will return to the capital on July 6 to present their new album at Teatro Maria Matos, in Lisbon, in a concert that integrates the Locomotiva Sessions program, a creation of the agency and producer Locomotiva Azul, which consists of a cycle of traveling concerts to be held throughout 2021 in various theaters and cities across the country.

Remember that last March, Dream People represented Portugal at the ILMC (International Live Music Conference), one of the biggest meetings of the music industry in the world, alongside names like Lina_Raül Refree and Surma. In May, they were selected for another showcase, this time at one of the most important North American music conferences, the Canadian Music Week.

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