Drenchill joins Perfect Pitch and Rocco on new version of “Join Me”

The latest release from DJ and producer Drenchill, in collaboration with the successful duo Perfect Pitch and Rocco, reveals a new and stimulating version of the song “Join Me”.

Originally released in 1998 by HIM, this new twist offers fresh beats while maintaining the beauty of the song that topped the charts. At the heart of this new production is the classic piano melody and atmospheric female voices – a perfect match made in dance music heaven!

Drenchill, who has accumulated more than 230 million streams with his singles and received several Gold and Platinum awards, was also the most listened-to Portuguese artist in the world on Spotify in 2023 for the second year in a row. With the single “Starlight”, which gained a lot of attention, especially in Poland and rose to the top of the Polish airplay charts shortly after its release, it has already reached more than 45 million streams. The singles “Freed From Desire”, “Never Never” and “Forever Summer” also took him to the top of the airplay charts in Poland and a total of 7 platinum awards.

The successful duo of Timo Erlenbruch and Stefan Richly, also known as Perfect Pitch, is responsible for many gold and platinum-award-winning productions. Collaborations with Drenchill or Rocco have garnered millions of streams and proved that Perfect Pitch’s talent offers the best of contemporary dance music.

Sven Gruhnwald, also known as Rocco, has more than 500 productions and remixes in his repertoire, including hits such as “Everybody”, “Drop the Bass” and “Generation of Love”. In the early 2000s, he appeared on major television shows such as “The Dome”, “Top Of The Pops” and “VIVA Club Rotation”. Additionally, Rocco manages one of GSA’s most successful dance music labels, You Love Dance/Planet Punk Music. Furthermore, it was for the famous “Future Trance” compilation released by Universal Music.

Once again a team of producers has come together who have proven their hit-making talents many times – and this time they release a new and perfectly crafted song with “Join Me”!

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