Drive-in Lagos returns with movies for the whole family

Given the success of its 2020 edition, the municipality of Lagos decided to repeat the Drive-In Lagos experience, from August 17th to 26th, with outdoor cinema sessions without having to leave the comfort of your car. “Bem Bom”, “Captain Sabretooth and the Magic Diamond”, “Women to Power” and “Listen” are the films chosen for this summer. Access is free, requiring online registration.

Retrieving a very popular concept in the 50s and 60s, the “drive in” modality gained new strength throughout the world during the pandemic period, offering culture and security in equal measure. Lagos was no exception, taking advantage of this nostalgic modality, once again in 2021, with films that will please the whole family.

To ensure everyone’s safety and strict compliance with the Health Directorate’s rules, the municipality will have some security measures in place: the entrance and exit will have their own separate circuits, being carried out in accordance with the guidelines of assistants in the precinct. ; vehicles will have a distance of 2 meters (through signage and physical marking); spectators must remain inside the vehicles, leaving them only allowed to use the restrooms or in case of any urgent needs.

The Drive in Lagos – Cinema will take place between August 17th and 26th at the Rossio da Trindade Games Field (former Trindade football field), at 9:30 pm. Vehicle access is free, but, given the capacity of the venue, prior registration is required via an online form.

Liven up your summer nights with the best cinema in a unique and special environment! Discover the program here and register your vehicle now!


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