Dstgroup offers paid summer internships for students

several professional areas and with a minimum of €800/month

dstgroup is on the market looking for students in Portugal who want to boost their careers during their school holidays – July and August – by launching the ‘dstgroup experience’, which consists of the group’s Internship Program.

Trainees will be covered by the group’s minimum wage, set at €800/month at the beginning of this year, including lunch.

The objective of this measure, in addition to the commitment to promote professional integration in an evolutionary way, aims to create better opportunities for obtaining employment. Through practical learning/training in a real work context, within the scope of the respective training areas, the initiative also intends to contribute to the future insertion in the professional working life in a faster and more efficient way.

“The experience that students will have in this summer period will provide an approximation to dstgroup’s business reality. We intend to be “top of mind” when entering the job market. All the business philosophy, the spirit of restlessness, and innovation experienced in our “habitat” will certainly be an excellent motivation for candidacies”, says José Machado, director of Human Resources for the group.

The areas chosen by the group for the internships are also the result of those where the workforce is scarcer, and therefore there is no limitation on the number of applications. They focus on the areas of Engineering, namely Civil; Telecommunications and IT; Management and Information Systems; Industrial Electronics and Computers; Computing; Mechanics; but also Auto Mechanics; Technical Drawing and Machining; Construction Preparation and Management; and Advanced Welding.

Additionally, some more internships will be promoted, these without expected remuneration, as they are areas with a greater offer, so, in this case, the group is admitting interns in the areas of Engineering and Industrial Management; Environmental Engineering, and Biological Engineering; Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering; Economics, Human Resources Management; Management/Management Support; and Tourism/Tourism Activities Management.

Applications can be made HERE or by email, with the job title, CV, and photo.

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