“Dude, Where Is my Beer?” qualified for the NGDC

“Dude, Where Is my Beer?” is, in a nutshell, a Point-and-Click game of old-school adventures, where the goal is to find a pilsner beer in a confusing world of unnecessary handcrafted beers and arrogant hipsters.

Can you find a normal beer in a world of handmade beers of different tastes and solve the mysterious pilsner puzzle missing, using an adventure game gold age interface?

Talk to hipsters who drink West Coast Ipa and American Black Ale and solve beer-related puzzles in different stages of drunkenness; Explore places like a sports bar, a microcervirie, a ballad and a rock bar in the city of Oslo in your search for a Pilsner.

“Dude, Where Is my Beer?” won the NGDC qualification in Kavalladen, Norway, and is a Grand Finalist of NGDC Season v Grand Finals in NG21 in November 2021 – a fun and unconventional premise, which began as a hobby of Arik Zurabian, and which increased its ambitions with The incorporation of Edo Brenes into the team.

The developer Arik Zurabian tells the story of the game: “I live in Oslo, Norway, but a few years ago I worked half a period and lived in Costa Rica. I always wanted to make a video game and it was the right time. As a child I played all Sierra and Lucasarts games, with no knowledge of English, behind the iron curtain. I began to make a satirical videogame on Oslo and handmade beer. At one point, I needed an illustrator and a friend recommended that I contacted Edo Brenes, a writer of comic books of Costa Rica, who lived in the UK at the time. Edo also had no experience with video games, but agreed to join the project and work online for a few months until the pandemic began, and he had to go back to his country of origin,” where Arik was arrested because of the pandemic.

“We finally met in real life, we finished the game and we released it in Steam. David Børke’s soundtrack elevated our hobby project at a professional level.”

He adds:” For us, winning the Nordic Game Discovery contest is the proof that, without experience, we can create a decent video game. And I think we had More than success!”.

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