“Dude, Where’s My Beer?!” | Review

“Dude, Where’s My Beer?!” is a classic Point & Click. Solving the puzzles is the soul of the game and for that we have the classic action features of the character.

In this game exploring is essential. There will be times when you will be completely lost. So looking around and clicking on everything is your only solution.

Interact with objects, look at signs, open doors, among others, but the important thing is to use the main resource: beers. They are the gears of history that allow actions and resolutions to be found along the journey.

Click on a verb and an object. Some combinations end up with humorous results or even new items to add to your inventory. But some mixtures of verb and noun do not work until you have drunk a little more.

The main mechanic of “Dude, Where’s My Beer ?!” it’s the protagonist’s sobriety bar. When you visit several bars with unique themes, you get a variety of beers. When you consume them, the bar goes up, which allows you to chat with other people and discover more information about what is happening in Oslo.

The art of the game that is completed by the soundtrack by David Børke. From a heavy metal bar to a crying baby, the symphony fits the dynamics of each place and establishment.

The game has a unique look with a simple design and a different color palette consisting of gray, blue and red. Although the characters appear simplistic, this does not mean that the backgrounds are also less detailed. Many decorations filled the bottom, making them abundant.

Available for PC and Linux versions, you can check it out on Steam and dive into the puzzle in search of the classic and golden beer: A Pilsner!

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