Dullmea and Ricardo Pinto present the new album “Orduak”

Dullmea is Sofia Faria Fernandes’ music project that makes use of her voice and an electronic pedal circuit, improvising on previously composed structures. “Orduak” is the new album, released on November 25, and which has the collaboration of musician Ricardo Pinto.

Orduak” is a dizzying descent into the depths of a non-place made of abandonment and desolation: “the meditation of a drunk, the enigma of ineffable life, the infinite sleep. We crossed a poem that was shattered and spread through noisy gaps, we rescued a memory of a human voice, of a language.

Dullmea invited Ricardo Pinto to collaborate in the composition of this album as they both share a certain obsession with harmony. “We started working with the words In the deepest depths / Not fire, not wind, not breath / Always this sleep, this chalk shadow, a small phrase without much meaning, but with interesting sounds and very characteristic of the Portuguese language . The idea was to create almost a painting with these sounds, which gave rise to a piece with three movements in various voices. Afterwards, we disintegrated this piece and merged its shards with darker environments, with electronics and noise. The result is a fictional world, the deepest non-place imaginable, where you can even hear a drunken monk meditate or get in touch with the Archaea realm.

Sofia Fernandes (Dullmea) graduated in music as a violinist at the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts and was part of several classical orchestras under the direction of numerous relevant conductors. It was in April 2016 that the artist created the pseudonym Dullmea, having produced and edited her debut album, Keter, warmly received by international radio stations (Germany, Switzerland) and critics such as Jonathan Levitt (New Zealand). Owner of a minimalist and quite experimental sound, Dullmea seeks to involve listeners in a more participative and less passive listening. Since 2018 she has worked in several countries such as Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany and Denmark, having also been at ZigurFest (Lamego). Also noteworthy are the concerts at the LEM Festival (Barcelona, ​​ES), at the Museum of Contemporary Art Ibirapuera (São Paulo, BR), at the Exhibition “Obedience and Defiance” by Paula Rego (Milton Keynes, EN) and Frameless Series (Munich, IN).

Ricardo Pinto, one of the most important creators of music for theater in the country, is a prolific “Renaissance man“. With a degree in jazz piano, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught sound engineer, Ricardo is the author of an impressive portfolio of dozens of soundtracks and a discography that includes award-winning albums in areas ranging from improvised music to progressive metal, having taken many from these works to the most important national stages. He accompanied Dullmea in concerts in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Denmark, England and São Paulo. He is the musical director of the Ensemble-Sociedade de Actores, a prestigious theater company with an incomparable legacy in the Portuguese cultural scene.
A true oasis on the national scene, Dullmea is the mask that Sofia Faria Fernandes wears on stage, not to hide, but rather to uplift the introspection that her music is capable of generating. Dullmea is compared to Icelandic Bjork, when she uses only her voice as the only and ultimate instrument.

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