Double session of “Shrek, The Musical” at Casino Estoril

7 de Maio, às 11h00 e às 15h30

On the 7th of May, at 11:00 am and 3:30 pm, the Estoril Casino Black and Silver Room will host “Shrek, O Musical”, a production by the Yellow Star Company. It is a double session of representations of the most fun, lively, and green children’s show, sung live.

Shrek is an ogre who lives happily and alone in a swamp in Far Far Away. His peace is threatened when the local ruler, Lord Farquaad, dumps all the magical creatures in his kingdom. To get rid of them, the ogre makes a deal with Farquaad: he will get the “piece” that would make Lord’s kingdom complete. This piece is about Fiona, a politically incorrect princess who lives imprisoned in a castle guarded by a dragon.

But, in search of a solution, Shrek and his friend Donkey set out on a mission to free her. And they do. However, Shrek falls in love with Fiona, and starting to fight for her heart.

Technical Data: Directing: Paulo Sousa Costa and Luís Pacheco | Musical Direction: Carolina Puntel | Art Direction: Fred Klaus with assistance from Anne Carestiato | Adaptation of the show: music by Jeanine Tesori, text, and lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire. Based on the film “Shrek”, produced by Dreamworks in 2001, and on the book “Shrek”, by William Steig, published in 1990. Cast: Beatriz Souza (Dragão, Mamã Ursa, Artista de Duloc), Daniela Soares (Gengi, Bad Witch), Debbie Monteiro (Porquinho, Artist of Duloc), Eliseu Ferreira (Lobo, Telónio, Priest), Francisco Gonçalves (Donkey), Gonçalo Rosales (Patinho Feio, Artist of Duloc, Knight in “Forever”), Inês Pedro de Campos ( Porquinho, Duloc Artist), Lia Antunes (Fiona Criança, Baby Bear),  Miguel Sousa (Shrek), Pedro Alexandre Torres (Pinocchio, Knight in “Forever”), Pedro Leitão (Lord Farquaad, Guard, Knight), Rebeca Reinaldo (Fiona), Sara Maia (Fiona Jovem, Peter Pan, and Duloc Artist) and Tomás Ribeiro (Piggy, Duloc Artist).

The Estoril Casino Black and Silver Room will host, on the 7th of May, at 11:00 am and 3:30 pm, the children’s play “Shrek, O Musical”. M/3. Prices: From €15 to €22.


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