And the gold medal belongs to our Fernando Pimenta

Canoeing World Championship

The Portuguese canoeist won today the K1 1000 meter event at the Canoeing World Championships held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Portuguese canoeist won the gold medal in K1 1000 meters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Fernando Pimenta led the entire race from the beginning and left behind the Hungarian Balint Kopasz, who was Olympic champion in Tokyo, in the third position was the Belarusian Aleh Yurenia.

Fernando Pimenta is world champion, after having won bronze at the Olympic Games, with this medal, he already has 17 in world championships, in the category, K1 1,000 meters, Fernando Pimenta won in 2018 gold, in Montemor-o-Velho, silver in 2017 in the Czech Republic and bronze in 2015 in Italy and 2019 in Hungary.

Portugal took the podium today for the second time at these World Championships, after Norberto Mourão, in adapted canoeing, in VL2 200, won bronze, a medal he also won at the Tokyo2020 Paralympic Games.

Tomorrow, Sunday Fernando Pimenta returns to action in the final of K1 5000.

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