“É Bom Fazer o Bem” from SIC and SKIP is back for the third season

Premieres Friday, September 15th on SIC Mulher

The third season arrives again on the SIC and SIC Mulher channels, the result of the success of a program about volunteering that has had a great impact on people and communities.

Strengthening the volunteering actions that marked the previous two seasons, the program is once again presented by the captivating and inexhaustible Carolina Patrocínio.

The third season of “É Bom Fazer o Bem” brings something new this year. This time, spectators were challenged so that they could also promote a culture of social responsibility. Sustainability initiatives have arrived at SIC, which will be shown throughout the various episodes.

“É Bom Fazer o Bem” premieres on Friday, September 15th, on SIC Mulher and Saturday, September 16th, on SIC.

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