EA Live in October with six Portuguese names

Captain Fausto, The Gift, Paus and Stereosaurus, Gabriel o Pensador at Campo Pequeno, in October, at EA Live.

Performing on October 12 has seven bands, and several DJ set, according to the organization.

In this second edition of the show EA Live will act Captain Faust, The Gift, Paus, Stereosaurus and Gabriel the Thinker, Devil on the Cross and Keep Razors Sharp.

“Music genres will be different again because music, being one, welcomes diversity, always speaking the same language. There are consecrated and talented people who are discovering.” There is rock, pop, rap.

The Eugénio de Almeida Foundation, which organizes EA live, was founded in Évora, where the Foundation is founded in 2017. It was founded in the 1960s and aims to promote cultural, educational, social and spiritual development, aiming at full human development, integral and sustainable of the region of Évora.

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