EA LIVE Lisboa 2019 memorable concerts

EA LIVE Lisboa 2019 filled the small field with public and good music, who did not give the time as lost.

Those lucky enough to attend the first edition of EA LIVE Lisboa in 2018, which took place at the Colosseum, saw a unique moment. but the second edition was still better and bigger.

EA LIVE Lisboa’s 2019 edition, in Campo Pequeno, under the fastfest concept, was even more fluid, more dancing, more intense.

Featuring seven bands and performances of about 40 minutes and several 20-minute DJ sets during the stage changes, giving the public the freedom to circle and pick their favourite bands.

With varied musical genres promoting diversity and with the Portuguese language as a guiding thread. There were established bands and new talent in styles ranging from rock, pop, and rap, where quality prevailed.


Afonso Rodrigues, Ra, Bráulio and Bibi are the members of KEEP RAZORS SHARP one of the most exciting national bands. If we wanted to limit them, we could point out many references, from psycho-psycho shoalism. But as the latest Outcome album proved, Keep Razors Sharp leaves it all open.

Stereosaurus is the name that Tiago Norte wants to add electronics with taste and measure to Portuguese sounds and voices. In the list, collaborations are Camané, Capicua, DJ Ride, Ana Moura, Rui Reininho, Paulo de Carvalho, The Legendary Tigerman, among others. And there are the evocations of Amália and Carlos Paredes. This concert was attended by Gisela João.

No need for introductions, since 1994 The Gift believe dreams come true with work and talent. The band of Alcobaça already has a long and recognized musical track, which in 2017 had its maximum expression with the album Altar to be produced by the legendary Brian Eno. Now The Gift comes to offer Summer, the latest album, of surprising intimacy.

Capitão Fausto’s first album, Gazela, is eight years old and showed that this band should be taken into account, musicians with their own ideas and without fear of exposing their influence, in 2019 grew up, and live exhausted rooms, because the energy and the delivery they leave on stage, which happened again in this concert.

Diabo na Cruz
Devil On The Cross is a combination of popular tradition with spectacular rock chords, and the result is catchy, recognizable and never predictable music. The talent of dos Diabo na Cruz is visible not only in composition but also in lyrics, and already have collaborations with artists such as Ana Moura.
It was a fantastic performance at Campo Pequeno.

In 2012 a journalist from the English weekly New Musical Express made enthusiastic considerations about a band he had seen in Portugal in the first part of Radiohead. It wasn’t just the unusual line up (two drums, keys and guitar): it was a very own sound, powerful, dynamic, insinuating and live that leaves no one indifferent. The band was PAUS, who in 2019 celebrate ten years of an immaculate trip, which he saw in Campo Pequeno certainly enjoyed.

Gabriel o Pensador has given himself to Campo Pequeno with his tropical rap, in addition to the denunciation of social injustices, is full of clever, accurate and fun verses. All resources are summoned: derision, humour, satire, anger, fun. Wrapping up these words was a choice of contagious beats and melodies, which led Gabriel to be known a little everywhere in the act. Once again the audience that was present at EA Live Lisboa was cherished and can see one of their electrifying live performances.

What is EA LIVE?
EA LIVE by the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation in Portuguese culture and modernity since 2017, It began with intimate sessions recorded in the beautiful rooms of the Sinel de Cordes Palace – the EA LIVE Sessions. But of course this magic could not stop there, and thus was born EA LIVE Évora, and in 2018 Lisbon came this new concept of the show, a festival, a room, with bands and artists of various origins and musical aesthetics.

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