Eagles back to the top and a historic Feirense… almost doomed

Benfica won the Feirense 4-1 on Sunday and recovered the first place in the championship. A triumph that shot (almost) the team of Filipe Martins for the second rank of the Portuguese soccer.

There was everything in Santa Maria da Feira. Many goals, excitement to the red, controversial throws and an already expected winner. Benfica beat Feirense 4-1 and recovered 1st place in the I Liga. The team of Filipe Martins sees the descent of division closer and closer.

It was crucial to get in well with the Feirense. Aware of that, the team of Filipe Martins could not have done better to start the game. After 10 minutes, Sturgeon wanted to bring some new energy to their game. After all, the Feirense has not won since day 2 and was winning at minute 10.

A start that was both astonishing and deserved. The Feirense entered well, looked Benfica in the eyes and deserved to be at an advantage. After a short break in the middle of the penalty area, the away team failed to deal with a good exchange of passes on the right, and after 20 minutes,

Benfica fight for the title, the Feirense struggle not to descend. As for the Eagles, they now score 69 points, the same as FC Porto. However, for the advantage in the direct confrontation, the incarnates are in the 1st place, at a time that are 18 more points in dispute.

Points that already seem short for the Feirense to remain in the main stage of Portuguese football. To avoid the descent, the firefighters need to overtake the Nacional, the team that is currently above the water line … with 12 more points than Feirense.

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