ebankIT presents innovative solution for digital banking in London

The Portuguese fintech ebankIT this morning is taking the main stage of Finovate Europe, one of the world’s most prestigious financial technology events, to show, in less than seven minutes and without videos or slides, how banks and mutual credit institutions can significantly accelerate the process of digital transformation.

The challenge of ebankIT is to demonstrate the speed and versatility with which the digital platform that has developed in Portugal is able to realize the integration of the core banking system, before an audience where more than 500 representatives of the most recognized financial institutions in the world will be present.

We managed to” connect “the banking core to our platform in a short time because our integration is able to adapt to the core of the different banks, thanks to an extremely agile, flexible and easy-to-customize development architecture“, says Renato Oliveira , CEO of ebankIT, taking as example the recent implementation of a multilingual internet banking platform in just three months at HBL Bank Switzerland.

By applying cutting-edge solutions to financial clients in more than 20 countries, ebankIT is today one of the world leaders in the development of digital banking platforms, investing continuously in the research and development component, with the aim to innovate inside and outside the financial sector to provide the most current solutions in the market.

Finovate, which is the largest financially oriented technology event in the world, is held annually in five editions held in New York, London, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Dubai, always maintaining the particularity of challenging around the world to demonstrate their latest innovations in Live Demos on stage that cannot exceed seven minutes in length.

It is recalled that, in pursuit of the objective of strengthening its presence and expansion in international markets, ebankIT recently participated, at the end of last January, at the Paris Fintech Forum, an international forum held at the Palais Brongniart, the former stock exchange of France , which was attended by more than 220 CEOs of financial and fintech companies.

Founded in Porto in 2014 and with offices in London and New York, ebankIT has already implemented omnicanal solutions for digital transformation in financial institutions in countries such as Canada, Romania, Switzerland, Kuwait and South Africa, providing Internet banking services, Back-office, Front-office, Mobile and Contact Center.

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