Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer in São Miguel with cinema and music

Music and Cinema, these are the ingredients that will keep the flame of the Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer alive in 2020. An edition that extends over four days, with a capacity limited to 150 people and several restrictions, to demonstrate that it is possible to keep the activity going cultural security during the pandemic.

Azores Burning Summer has been taking place since 2015 at Parque e Praia dos Moinhos, in Porto Formoso – São Miguel island and differs in the context of national music festivals by artistic initiatives and ecological awareness, good environmental practices and control of impacts. It is not positioned as a music festival for the masses, but as a balanced access event that links music to the land and art to environmental awareness.

The choice of Praia dos Moinhos for the event was strategic: the place is characterized by a profound natural beauty and its own dynamic that has marked generations, in addition to allowing the decentralization of cultural and tourist entertainment.

Taking into account the current context of the pandemic and with a view to contributing to the continuity of cultural activity in safety, the organization of the Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer decided to hold the 2020 edition in a reduced and highly restrictive format in order to guarantee maximum protection of public health.

For four days, several local artists will take the stage mounted on the terrace of Praia dos Moinhos. The program includes the participation of DJs Matti, Nex, Tape and Narco Paulo and the concerts of Sara Cruz, Funny Caravan Jazz Quartet, Nordela Jazz Convention and PMDS.

Cinema is an art that provides knowledge sharing and opens doors for reflection. Questioning, disturbing and promoting behavioral changes is the purpose of the cinema cycle that opens in Praia dos Moinhos outdoors with the presentation of the films: Gipsofila by Margarida Leitão, Volta à Terra by João Pedro Plácido, Stop me suddenly thought and Until the Porno Separates us from Jorge Pelicano.

The 2020 edition will take place on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th of August, between 7:00 pm and midnight, with a maximum capacity of 150 people, in an area of ​​450m2, with marked seats, tables with 2 chairs and distance according to the law, including a distance of 4m between stage and front row of the public. Daily tickets have a symbolic value of € 10 and will be on sale at Tukátulá Bar (Ribeira Grande), Moinho Terrace Café (Porto Formoso) and Livraria Solmar (Ponta Delgada).

The Festival’s position in 2020 is to encourage safe cultural activity, in a gesture of solidarity with all artists and professionals in the cultural sector.

The Festival Organization is following the guidelines of the Regional Health Authority and, if there are no conditions for the event, it will be adjusted or postponed.

The event is organized by ARTAC – Regional Association for the Promotion and Development of Tourism, Environment, Culture and Health.



7:00 pm – DJ Set: Matti

8:30 pm – Concert: Sara Cruz

10 pm – Cinema on the Beach: Gipsofila (2015/1h/Margarida Leitão)


7:00 pm – DJ Set: Narco Paulo (New Wave/Tropical/Afro Synth)

8:30 pm – Concert: Funny Caravan Jazz Quartet

10 pm – Cinema on the Beach: Suddenly stop thinking (2014/1h41m/Jorge Pelicano)


7:00 pm – DJ Set: Nex

8:30 pm – Concert: Nordela Jazz Convention

10:00 pm – Cinema on the Beach: Volta à Terra (2014 /1h18m/João Pedro Plácido)


7:00 pm – DJ Set: Tape

8:30 pm – Concert: PMDS

10:00 pm – Cinema on the Beach: Baraka (1993/1h29m/Ron Fricke)

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