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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

August 30th and 31st at Praia dos Moinhos, Porto Formoso, São Miguel

Azores Burning Summer celebrates its 10th anniversary with ecology and Cape Verde at heart.

The Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer returns to Praia dos Moinhos in Porto Formoso to celebrate its 10th edition in a special way and tune with Nature. Four nights of cinema on the beach and a night dedicated to Cape Verdean music are new for 2024.

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

The connection of the Azores Burning Summer to world music is one of the most striking features of this increasingly cosmopolitan event. There is a growing demand for “exotic” sounds from other latitudes. The festival has attracted many tourists and also immigrant communities, especially those residing on the island of São Miguel, and this highlights the fulfilment of one of the project’s main objectives, uniting people through culture and bringing together efforts to build a world better.

The combination of an artistic and cultural program of international dimension with an eco-friendly positioning meets the standards of current demand, meeting the emerging conscious tourism, where non-massified places and a commitment to environmental protection are synonymous with quality and sustainability.

Music, cinema, ecodesign, electric vehicles, debates, land art and community actions are the ingredients that highlight the Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer, an event with balanced access that values the quality of the public’s experience and their relationship with nature.

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

The 2024 schedule is divided into four distinct moments:

The first moment is marked by VIVE – COMMUNITY HEALTH PROGRAM, which takes place on the 29th of June and the 6th of July in the parish of Maia. VIVE aims to improve health literacy levels and promote healthy lifestyle habits among the local community. This project coordinated by Sara Ponte and developed in partnership with the Parish Council, Casa do Povo, Santa Casa and Paróquia da Maia, has as its main target the population residing between the parishes of Porto Formoso and Fenais da Ajuda in the municipality of Ribeira Grande. The activities are free to access and open to all interested parties.

From the 12th to the 15th of August, the second phase of the Festival’s programming takes place intending to open doors to reflection. This is CINEMA NA PRAIA, which this year features the screening of four films (1 per night), with social and environmental themes. The exhibitions will take place from 9:30 pm, on the terrace of Moinho Terrace Café, on Praia dos Moinhos.

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

On the 30th and 31st of August, the Festival’s musical moment takes place on the beach and in Moinhos Park.

The MOINHOS REVIVAL program returns to Praia dos Moinhos to bring together local musicians with visiting musicians and revive the spirit of a time where freedom, friendship and the cult of good music lived side by side on that beach. On the NOS AÇORES stage, we will have performances by DJs Narco Paulo and FLiP and two jam sessions organized by musicians Jaime Goth and Ricardo Reis. On the last dawn of the festival, the public is invited to go down to the beach to witness the BURNING LOVE fire installation and watch the sunrise.

The main attractions on the bill operate in Parque dos Moinhos. In between concerts on the Main Stage, the public heads to the tent set up on top of the lawn to watch the DJ sets on the Tropical Stage. The conditions created mean that, in the event of bad weather, the shows can take place and the public can remain at the party in greater comfort.

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

The first night is specially dedicated to Cape Verde, with the main attraction being the artist Mayra Andrade accompanied by Djodje Almeida on acoustic guitar, who makes her debut in the Azores with the project “reEncanto”. On the same night, artists Princezito and Ferro Gaita will perform, who promise to complement the spectrum of Cape Verde’s sounds. On the tropical stage, we will have DJ Sets from Novo Major, Adrian Sherwood accompanied by MC Ghetto Priest, Milhafre and finally Mesquita & Laura.

For the second night, some of the most notable artists from past editions were invited: Moullinex Live returns to “Burning” with a concert specially prepared to celebrate the 10th edition of the Festival, we will also have performances by Da Chick and Xinobi Live. On the Tropical stage we will have DJ Sets by Isilda Sanches, Herberto Quaresma, Pedro Tenreiro and the musical night will end with the duo Moullinex & Xinobi in a back-to-back that promises a lot of entertainment.

In addition to the musical program, the main venue of Azores Burning Summer also presents two initiatives with the aim of awakening collective ecological awareness: ECO MARKET, a fair dedicated to ecodesign and natural products and EXPO VEÍCULOS ELÉTRICOS where various models of vehicles are presented electric and hybrid.

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer

In 2024, the festival organization will maintain the same accessibility model as previous editions, with the provision of two car parks and a free shuttle service to ensure connection to the beach and Parque dos Moinhos on the 30th and 31st of August.

The fourth and final moment of the festival program will be especially dedicated to children. In collaboration with the Okeanos Institute and the Azores Sea Observatory, the Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer, through the HABITAT community program, will develop educational activities about the Azores Sea in all Institutions of the Ribeira Grande ATL Network between 2 and September 4, 2024. The HABITAT community program is free to access and is expected to reach around 300 children and young people.

For more information about the program, see

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Eco Festival Azores Burning Summer


According to CISION, Azores Burning Summer registered a record value of 19.3 million impressions (accumulated audience) and an equivalent value in advertising (AVE) estimated at 1.2 million euros. This is a clear sign of a return on the investment that has been promoted by the Municipality of Ribeira Grande, the Government of the Azores and other sponsors.

Patent environmental objectives: Zero Waste, Zero Visual Noise, Zero Beats, Car Sharing


  • Tickets are available at and on the Seetickets platform.
  • 2nd phase (May 6th to August 29th): general ticket €30 / daily ticket €20
  • 3rd phase (August 30th and 31st at the venue): general ticket €40 / daily ticket €25


  • D’Quina – Ribeira Grande Municipal Market
  • Moinho Terrace Café – Praia dos Moinhos
  • Tide Full – Praia dos Moinhos
  • Solmar Bookstore – Ponta Delgada

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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