Minho River Ecotrail Is in trending

13 thousand Visitors in 2 Months

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13 thousand people were registered on the Minho River Ecotrail, between January 1 and March 7, by the new ticket counter at Senhora da Cabeça, in Cristelo Côvo, Valença.

The day with the most users was Sunday, January 23, with 630 tickets. Saturday and Sunday are the days with the most users and the most frequented hours are between 11 am and 1 pm and between 3 pm and 6 pm.

With this counter and the digital platform, it is possible for the Municipality to measure the attractiveness of this emblematic greenway in Valença.

The ticket counter was placed by C.I.M. Alto Minho, as part of the Alto Minho Greenways project.

The Vias Verdes are a commitment by the Municipality of Valença to sustainable mobility and green tourism.

Valença has a network of green paths that has been reinforced, including the Minho River Ecotrail with 24 km and the Veigas Minho River Ecotrail with 5.6 km.

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