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Summer edition of the Berlin Film Festival will be outdoors

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The summer edition of the Berlin Film Festival will run outdoors from 9 to 20 June at a time that wants to contribute to the rebirth of cultural activities with an audience in Germany.

The organization will be able to present the Festival program to the Berlin public in almost all zones of the city, a total of 16 locations, including an outdoor cinema specially created in the historic Berlin Museum Island as main space.

The local cinema views “Kiez-Kino” will also take place as outdoor events, and will be more strongly represented in different parts of the city.

The summer special starts on June 9 and the premium delivery ceremony will take place on June 13, following the decisions of the official juries already taken in March.

The Documentary Prize Berlinale, endowed with 40,000 euros, and the GWFF Prize for Best First Footage, with a pecuniary value of 50,000 euros, will also be attributed in the main zone of the festival, on the Museum Island in Berlin.

Other special events in that enclosure can be added to the calendar of awards and movie premier ceremonies, add the organizers.

This year, the 71th edition of the festival was planned to take place in two times: in February the film market and presentation of the movies online and for professionals, and in June will take the display of programming for public outdoors.

From the scheduled schedule, the retrospective dedicated to the classics of cinema and the exposure of the expanded forum program, which should inaugurate on 18 May.

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