Edition of Os Lusíadas illustrated by women is launched at the Biennial of Illustration of Guimarães

Partnership between the Municipality of Guimarães and the University of Minho, with the collaboration of Editora Kalandraka.

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The 3rd Guimarães Illustration Biennial (BIG) runs until December 31 and will have new highlights until the end of the year and with a cycle of openings scheduled for October 23, highlighting the launch of the illustrated edition “OS LUSÍADAS“, in a partnership between the Municipality of Guimarães and the Rectory of the University of Minho, with the collaboration of Editora Kalandraka, as well as the inauguration of an exhibition of original illustrations, to be shown at the Sociedade Martins Sarmento and which brings together the 10 original illustrations produced to integrate the publication to be released.

This edition is an evocation of the role of women in national culture and particularly in illustration, completely illustrated by 10 female artists: Carolina Celas, Joana Rêgo, Joana Estrela, Madalena Matoso, Amanda Baeza, Inês Machado, Mariana Rio, Catarina Gomes, Marta Madureira and Marta Monteiro. The literary direction and setting of the text to current Portuguese was the responsibility of Professor Rita Marnoto and the design was in charge of Joana Pires.

The vice-president of the Chamber of Guimarães and Councilor for Culture highlights “a differentiated view” on the work of Os Lusíadas. “This illustrated edition of Os Lusíadas marks this edition of BIG, worked by 10 women and who guarantee added value to this work with a new vision and in an illustrated way. This edition will reach schools and we hope that it will continue to call for reading and a new interpretation”, said Adelina Pinto.

The Rector of the University of Minho highlighted the institution’s role in the scope of “promoting cultural development”. Rui Vieira de Castro stressed that “this is a work that is not viewed in the way it should be viewed, because it is very complex and expresses a certain view of the world and a representation of the country’s history. There is the intention to return this work in a way that makes it more appreciable for the generality of people and especially for our young people”, he said.

BIG’s artistic director, Tiago Manuel, described “a more contemporary work” and “not only for young people, but also for society in general”. Tiago Manuel noted that “Portugal sets an example because it is the first time that an edition has been done with concerted work and completely done by women in a canonical work. The choice of artists resulted from a list of 30 authors who were then selected by an independent jury to choose the 10 artists, in a transparent process and here are some of the best Portuguese illustrators”.

The session was also attended by Margarida Noronha, representing publisher Kalandraka, who highlighted the importance of “reaching new audiences” with the work of Os Lusíadas through the “graphic modernity” of this edition that will be in bookstores from the next October 21st.

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