Edigma Sanus is on the market to overcome pandemic barriers

Edigma Sanus is the new system launched by Edigma that allows the dissemination of advertising and communication by companies and includes a dispenser, without a touch, of 5,000ml of alcohol in gel for its users that aims to increase the feeling of security in spaces.

The concern of the national company, a leader in the development and production of technology and multitouch applications, was the safety and well-being of consumers, since communication and hygiene are fundamental issues for Portuguese and foreign companies in this new reality.

The equipment created and produced in Portugal is 27 inches and is prepared to respond to public spaces regardless of the greater or lesser affluence, such as Retail, Shopping Center, Tourism, Culture and Corporate segments.

In addition, Edigma Sanus has awareness content included, so that its users are already able to use the equipment at the first moment of contact, and the customer is not dependent on the creation of such content.

The equipment has cloud-based software, where the customer can schedule and monitor their own content remotely, with monthly updates.

Gel dispersed by Edigma Sanus is also national, certified by DGS and easy to refill.

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