EDP Comercial launches new electric mobility offer

In a campaign that will be active until April 30, the company offers its energy customers a 25% discount on charging away from home with the EDP Electric Mobility card.

For homes and condominiums, electric charging solutions start at 22 euros a month, with a 20% discount on energy at night. This offer reaches consumers through a campaign led by the new brand ambassador, António Félix da Costa, Formula E world champion, for the first time.

With the launch of a new offer in this area, EDP Comercial intends to alert to the importance of the use of electric vehicles, supporting the transition to this intelligent mobility with the offer of discounts on electricity which, for electric mobility customers, is 100% green.

Under the motto “The energy of Generation Zero to move the world is electric”, EDP Comercial highlights the importance of adopting increasingly sustainable daily behaviors, knowing that the well-being of communities and the planet depends on the good practices of all .

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