EDP Live Bands reaches the 7th edition with new awards

Registration is now open for the 7th edition of EDP Live Bands, a competition for amateur bands created by EDP to promote music and national talent. This initiative offers bands the chance to show their work and perform live on the stage of two major festivals. In addition to performing at NOS Alive’20 and Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, the winning band will record an album to be edited by Sony Music and a video clip. This year, EDP will provide the six finalist bands with a rehearsal room in Marvila, in order to prepare their performance for the grand final live. The competition is aimed at Portuguese amateur bands of any musical genre, who do not currently have a record contract.

The registration period will run from March 3 to April 6. In order to participate, bands must upload an original song on the contest website ( It is the fans who will choose one of the six finalist bands through direct voting on the website. The remaining bands will be selected by the jury, taking into account criteria such as originality and technical and musical quality.

This year, the grand final of EDP Live Bands is scheduled for May 23, at Lisboa ao Vivo (LAV), in Marvila, and the six finalist bands will have the possibility to invite friends, family and fans to attend the performance, with transportation to be offered by EDP. The goal is to provide bands with the support of their fans and, for this, a bus will be made available by EDP to all bands that reside outside the greater Lisbon region.

The bands selected for the final will participate in a workshop with specialists from the music industry, which this year includes the presence of the musician Hélio Morais, as well as representatives of the various project partners. A unique opportunity to share experiences and receive advice on how to make a career in the competitive national artistic world. The drummer and co-founder of the bands PAUS and Linda Martini will be a jury in all stages of selection of candidates and also in the grand final live where the winning band of the 7th edition will be known. The big winner will also have the opportunity to work with Hélio Morais in the production of the album.

As in previous editions, EDP Live Bands Portugal has the support of Everything is New, Sony Music and FNAC. In addition to contributing to the selection of the winning band, the partners will also support them after the contest, through the dissemination of their music.

In addition to Y.azz x B-mywingz (2019), projects such as Churky (2018), Plastic People (2017) Them Flying Monkeys (2016), Cavaliers of Fun (2015) and Caelum’s Edge (2014) are part of the range of winners of the Portuguese edition of EDP Live Bands.

Since its first edition, in 2014, EDP Live Bands has received more than 8,300 applications and awarded 14 bands (12 First Prizes and 2 Honorable Mentions) in the three countries where it is present. In addition to Portugal, in Brazil the contest started in 2016 and Spain will have its 3rd edition this year.

Last year, Y.AZZ and B-MYWINGZ were the big winners of EDP Live Bands, in Portugal. Y.AZZ and B-MYWINGZ distinguished themselves among all competing bands and will release their first single on March 6th.

Calendar – Portugal Edition
03/03 – Launch and start of registration
06/04 – End of registration period
030/03 to 20/04 – End of registration period
23/04 – Announcement of semifinalists
04/24 to 04/05 – Voting by the semifinalists to access the final
06/05 – Announcement of the finalists
05/23 – End of the 7th edition (Lisbon)
Calendar – 3rd Edition Spain
03/03 – Launch and start of registration
10/04 – End of registration period
03/03 to 13/04 – Online voting – 1st Phase
16/04 – Announcement of semifinalists
04/17 to 04/26 – Semi-finalists vote for access to the final
29/04 – Announcement of the finalists
16/05 – End of edition (Madrid)
Calendar – 5th Edition Brazil
03/03 – Launch and start of registration
10/04 – End of registration period
03/03 to 26/04 – Online voting – 1st Phase
04/30 – Semi-finalists announcement
05/01 to 05/10 – Semi-finalists vote for access to the final
13/05 – Announcement of finalists
06/06 – End of edition (São Paulo)
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