EDP names theater in Madrid (and will measure energy from applause)

Elétrica Portuguese is the new sponsor of the Teatro EDP Gran Vía, the first to measure the energy of applause and then to donate to institutions of solidarity.

EDP is the new sponsor of the Teatro EDP Gran Vía, on the busiest avenue in the Spanish capital. The agreement will last for the next three years and Portuguese electricity says it will measure people’s energy and then distribute it to those who need it most.

With this collaboration with the cultural group Smedia, owner of the showroom, the Teatro EDP Gran Vía de Madrid becomes the first capable of transforming the energy of the spectators’ emotions into electric energy and then share it with whoever else needs, “it read in a statement released by EDP.

This measurement will be possible through a system that measures the applause and emotions generated in the showroom and turns them into kilowatts/hour.

Then the energy generated by a concert or a play will then be donated to institutions and foundations in the form of electricity.

The sounds generated by the audience and the cast will be captured and analyzed by a system that measures the decibels of the show and the exact moment in which they were produced. It will be possible to know which moments the public most moved or reacted in a way At the end of the show, the decibels will be converted into kilowatts/hour, “he explains.

The objective of EDP is to reinforce its commitment to the support and promotion of culture in Spain while supporting several solidarity projects.

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