Eduardo Barroso film is a candidate for the Ariel awards

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In ‘Ordem Moral’, which premiered in Portugal in September, Eduardo Barroso tells the true story of Maria Adelaide Coelho da Cunha, heir and former owner, one hundred years ago, of Diário de Notícias.

Produced by Paulo Branco, with argument by Carlos Saboga, in the film, in addition to Maria de Medeiros, Marcello Urgeghe, João Pedro Mamede, João Arrais, Júlia Palha, Albano Jerónimo, among others.

‘Ordem Moral’ was in competition at the 35th Mostra in Valencia – Cinema del Mediterrani, at the 43rd International Film Festival in São Paulo and at the 33rd edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Mário Barroso, actor and director, has a long career as a director of photography, having worked with names like Manoel de Oliveira, José Fonseca and Costa and João César Monteiro.

He is the author of, among others, ‘A love of perdition’ (2008), ‘The miracle according to Salomé’ (2004) and the telefilm ‘Friends as before’ (2005).

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