Eduardo Vueza wins ecological art award

The jury attributed the prize to this work for fulfilling the objectives of the competition in which the artist would transform what would be trash into a work of art.

Eduardo Vueza expresses in his work the passion for the city of Luanda, portraying one of the postcards of the city, which is Marginal, using materials such as remains of wooden pallets, remains of cell phones and broken glass from cars.

The artist competed with a piece of the installation genre, in which he used fully recycled materials, especially electronic materials.

Check the 360º Virtual exhibition.

“I used computer boards, circuits, cell phone scraps, pieces of car glass, fragments of computer keyboards and more. I called it ‘From Garbage to Luxury’, because the material used is supposed to be in the trash and we know that electronic components are polluting when they are badly disposed of. I tried to unite that, taking this material that would no longer be useful and I made art with it”, says Eduardo Vueza.

The jury was composed of members of the Angoalissar organizing committee with the participation of the renowned artist António Gonga.

The selection of the winner went through three phases, the first being the receipt of more than 50 applications, the second the selection of the 10 finalists and the third the selection of the winning artist, who receives a prize of one million kwanzas.

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