el Sur debut with their new album “Todas as Sombras”

The debut album “Todas as Sombras” by the Portuguese group el Sur is already on sale

Lisbon group, el Sur, is formed by Joana Manuel on the vocals, Rui Galveias on the electric guitar (and traditional chordophones), Tiago Néo on the bass, João Cardoso on the synthesizers, and Rui Alves on the drums.

The band started about five years ago with the concept of paying homage to the great Latin American intervention music sung in Spanish and signed by names like Violeta Parra.

At the end of February, the world remembered the day when, 75 years ago, the doors opened that revealed the horror that was Auschwitz.

“Todas as Sombras” by el Sur (album cover)

Three generations have passed, but fascisms continue to arise everywhere and all the time and that is why it is increasingly urgent, important and necessary for music to emerge that challenges them, making the song a weapon.

Because, as Tiago de Lemos Peixoto writes and el Sur sings, “As if ancient shadows suddenly vanished and the Serpent was not eternal”.

Adding to their songs of struggle and resistance, each member of el Sur contributes with his musical and performative roots such as blues, prog-rock, punk, jazz and traditional music by the great Portuguese and Brazilian artists.

“Todas as Sombras”, by el Sur, is a rare album in the panorama of current Portuguese music and an urgent, important and necessary album, and its already in stores.

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