Ela Mar edits today her debut single ‘The Boy I Used to Know’

But who is this new artist? Ela Mar is the artistic alter-ego of Daniela Martins, a young singer, and songwriter born in London, to a Portuguese family. In her words “Portugal has always been the place I consider my home, and where I feel happy!

Born on 20 November 2001, she studied in England and since she was a little girl she showed an aptitude for music and for writing songs “when I was little, in my house, every day there was music playing and I sang and danced. my father, so I always liked music“, explains Ela Mar. This love for music made her integrate the choir of the female school “Notre Dame”. However, she graduated in Management.

For three years she had private lessons in vocal technique and interpretation with Zé Manel, lead singer of Fingertips. We asked Ela Mar how this contact with Zé Manel came about. The artist quickly tells us that “I met Zé Manel because my godparents know his mother. My godfather told me that he taught singing lessons and that’s how I decided to send him a message. I didn’t know Fingertips but when I went listening to their music I realized that I knew two songs, Picture of My Own and Cause to Love You, because I watched the series Strawberries with Sugar!

The Boy I Used to Know‘, is his first single co-authored by Zé Manel. The theme is produced by Beatoven and talks about the distance between a perfect lie and a saddened horizon. The music video was directed by Afonso Ponto.

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