Electric vehicles emit 66% and 68% less CO2 than gasoline or diesel cars

ZERO guarantees that electric cars emit 66% and 68% less CO2 than diesel and gasoline cars, respectively.

According to the association, these data come from a study carried out by the European Transport and Environment Federation (T&E, in English), of which ZERO is a member, which compared in a comprehensive and prospective way, electric diesel engines and gasoline in different car sizes for 2020 and 2030.

The T&E study took into account the CO2 emissions associated with the construction and operation of electric vehicles, from materials to assembly and through the battery and the consumption of electricity with charging. And compared, using identical criteria, with conventional cars.

According to the data, which are available for consultation on the ‘Transport Environment’ website, an average car in the European Union already has three times less impact on emissions than an equivalent conventional car.

The same study reveals that electric cars pay their “carbon debt” from battery production after just over a year and save more than 30 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime compared to a conventional equivalent.

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