Eleven plays UEFA Champions League, Women’s Champions League, Youth League and eChampions League Finals

During the next weekend and until the end of August, Eleven will broadcast the finals of the main European football competitions, namely the UEFA Champions League final, the UEFA Women’s Champions League and UEFA Youth League finals and the final of the eChampions League. The UEFA Champions League winner will be decided this Sunday at Estádio da Luz.

Honoring the commitment to bring the best of sport to fans of the various sports, Eleven will broadcast four major European competitions throughout this weekend and until the end of August.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League final is scheduled for this Sunday, August 23, at 8 pm at Estádio da Luz. PSG and Bayern will face each other on the Portuguese pitch and decide the winner of this year’s competition.

PSG reach the final after beating Leipzig 3 – 0, the same result achieved yesterday by Bayern against Lyon. The Franco-Germanic duel is scheduled for 8 pm on Sunday.

UEFA Women’s Champions League

The UEFA Women’s Champions League Quarter-Finals, considered the first European women’s football team competition, will be played tomorrow (August 21), with matches between Glasgow City and Wolfsburg, as well as between Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. The next day, Arsenal face PSG and Lyon face Bayern on the pitch. The Final Socks will take place on the 25th and 26th of August, so it will be possible to watch the final of this competition on the 30th of August.


August 21 (Friday), at 5 pm

  • Glasgow City v Wolfsburg (Anoeta – San Sebastián) – ELEVEN 2
  • Atlético Madrid v Barcelona (San Mamés Stadium – Bilbao) – ELEVEN 1

August 22 (Saturday) at 7 pm

  • Arsenal v PSG (Anoeta – San Sebastián) – ELEVEN 2
  • Lyon v Bayern (San Mamés Stadium – Bilbao) – ELEVEN 1

UEFA Youth League

The Youth League, a U19 competition, is UEFA’s premier youth tournament at this level at club level. The competition’s semi-finals will take place on Saturday (August 22) with emphasis on the game to be played between Benfica and Ajax, as well as the match between Salzburg and Real Madrid. The final is scheduled for August 25 (Tuesday).


August 22 (Saturday) at 2 pm

  • Benfica v Ajax (Colovray sports center – Nyon) – ELEVEN 1

August 22 (Saturday) at 5 pm

  • Salzburg v Real Madrid (Colovray sports center – Nyon) – ELEVEN 1


  • August 25 (Tuesday) at 5 pm

eChampions League

Taking into account the global pandemic situation, Eleven accelerated and reinforced its focus on eSports content and will broadcast a virtual FIFA tournament to be played at the European level. In this context, UEFA will hold the eChampions League between 20 and 22 August, a competition broadcast in its entirety on Eleven channel 4.

Match schedule:

  • August 21 (Friday) – from 1 pm to 7 pm – ELEVEN 4
  • August 22 (Saturday) – from 5 pm to 10 pm – ELEVEN 4

The eight gamers who will participate in the tournament are:

  • Gorilla (FIFA eWorld Cup 2017) –United Kingdom;
  • MoAuba (FIFA eWorld Cup 2019) – Germany;
  • MegaBit (FGS Playoffs in 2018) – Germany;
  • Stokes (FGS Playoffs in 2019) – United Kingdom;
  • Tekkz (FUT Cup 2018, 19 and 20) – United Kingdom;
  • DullenMIKE (FUT Cup 2019) – Germany;
  • NRaseck (FUT Cup 2020) – Germany;
  • Ollelito (FUT CUP 2020) – Sweden.
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