Eleven Sports bets on podcasts

Eleven Sports has just announced the launch of a series of sports podcasts, thus continuing the goals of innovation and bringing fans closer to the Portuguese market. With the motto “To listen in sports”, podcasts are available on Spotify, iTunes, Cast and Soundcloud and make Eleven Sports the first Pay TV channel in Portugal to launch such an initiative.

The contents of these podcasts focus on current sports topics, namely the competitions and modalities whose rights belong to the channel. The preview of Champions League games, International Leagues, Formula 1 events and all other sports such as the NFL, Padel and others are ongoing weekly attractions with dedicated headlines, previewing and analyzing the pre and post sporting events.

“Champions Eleven”, “F1 Eleven”, “Planet Eleven” and “NFL Eleven” will be the initial items for now. Behind these podcasts will be the voices of Eleven Sports commentators and special guests who will regularly preview and analyze matches and share with fans some of the most exciting stories they have experienced in sports.

As far as Spotify is concerned, the initiative will be twofold. In addition to podcasts, Eleven Sports will share through this channel music playlists for all sports fans who are interested in training with Eleven Sports content music (Champions Anthem, F1 Anthem, Liverpool Anthem, among others), as well as many other curiosities.

“Both Spotify and the podcasts we release now reinforce our commitment to put fans at the center of the sporting content that interests them the most. With this initiative, fans can access the best sports stories anytime, anytime. We will certainly continue to focus on these differentiated offers that will allow us to create an affective connection with the audience and to reinforce the way we present and communicate sport in Portugal.
-Nuno Miranda, Marketing and Communication Director of Eleven Sports

This is another of Eleven Sports’ innovative initiatives in Portugal that aims to boost and democratize access to multiplatform sports content, making the sports experience more fun, dynamic and social for all fans.

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