Elis Neon releases EP “Sun&Sax”

“Sun&Sax” is the new EP by ELIS NEON, a duo composed by Beiro and Fred Severo, this time in live take mode, in a quartet in collaboration with Pedra (drums), Paco Romero (piano/saxophone), and special guest appearances by Vicente Santos (piano) and Lindsay Lucas (vocals).

Composed of 4 songs, Idle Hands, Everything or Nothing, Sun&Sax, and Gangsta Chill, the EP is available in audio and video format, where we can see and hear their live performance.

“Sun&Sax” shows us ELIS NEON live, on a journey through the world of hip-hop, jazz, trip-hop, and R&B, which took place over a period of 2 days at BKK studios in Lisbon.

The release, which is stamped by Universal Music Portugal and CRVVO Records, is now available on all platforms.

ELIS NEON is a character that illustrates the joint work of André “Beiro” Dias and Fred Severo, Portuguese musicians, and producers. Closely following in the footsteps of the most recent wave of Jazz that absorbs influences from all other genres, ELIS NEON creates a fusion of organic and digital, elevating the sound of both to something that transcends the limits of each musical genre.

“Sun&Sax” mostra-nos ELIS NEON ao vivo, numa viagem pelo mundo do hip hop, jazz, trip hop e R&B, que teve lugar num período de 2 dias no estúdios BKK em Lisboa.

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