ELIS NEON releases single “Idle Hands”

“Idle Hands”  is the new single from ELIS NEON, born from the collaboration with Lindsay Lucas, the North American vocalist/producer.

A trip through the world of trip-hop and R&B led by the incredible voice of Lindsay Lucas, an apotheotic crescendo that traps us with minimal bass and beat to free us in chaos between the organic and the digital.

The release, which is stamped by Universal Music Portugal and CRVVO Records, is now available on all platforms.

Artwork by ELIS NEON

ELIS NEON is a character that illustrates the joint work of André “Beiro” Dias and Fred Severo, Portuguese musicians, and producers. Closely following in the footsteps of the most recent wave of Jazz that absorbs influences from all other genres, ELIS NEON creates a fusion of organic and digital, elevating the sound of both to something that transcends the limits of each musical genre.

Lindsay Lucas, the American vocalist/producer, already has collaborations with artists such as French Montana, Russ, JAY ELECTRONICA, or A$AP Twelvyy. Idle Hands marks her first collaboration with ELIS NEON.

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