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The singer of “Medo de Sentir” who made herself known to Portugal and the world, with the theme with which she won the 2020 Song Festival, was at the Maria Matos Theater and enchanted with her sweet voice.

Elisa was accompanied by her band, but she also had the presence of guests, Taina, Luísa Sobral, Tomás Adrião and Marta Carvalho. At first nervous, but the audience quickly calmed her down, the support was huge, and the long applause, Elisa, was showing all her vocal ability and sweet voice in the songs she sang at Maria Matos.

I’m super nervous, as you can see, this is the first concert in my own name to present the album …“, said Elisa and added “… we’re going to spend a night here, you can sing and dance, this concert is also yours and you can be a part of it, thank you for coming.

Elisa > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.03.09

Elisa then introduces her first guest, Taina, and shares with the public how they met, “Taina is a kind of guardian angel, who is here on earth, when I came to Lisbon, I wanted to enter the music school first, and I didn’t go in, I was very angry and thought I’m going to give up music, but obviously, a person who only listens to music, only eats music, only breathes music, cannot leave music like that from one moment to the next, that’s why I did, I had classes at the Faculty of Arts, where I had to enter at eight in the morning, and stayed until late in the morning at jam sessions during the week, smart, and the first time I sang in a jam session, Taina was there , that thing of being in the right place at the right time with the right person watching, and when I finished singing she came to me, super sweet, asking where I sang, what I was doing and I explained, that at that moment I didn’t want to know ad musica, that I had gone there because I was bored at home and I came so that, as if I didn’t have work to do…“, Elisa adds, I had the idea that in the world of music, everyone wishes bad things to each other, but Taina is not one of those people, and invited her to go to the Studio where she was recording her first album, and it was from that moment that it all started, maybe I wouldn’t even have continued in the music.

Elisa + Taina > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.03.09

Taina diz que “ela me fez chorar, antes de entrar, não é justo” e ainda “estou muito orgulhosa, mesmo, desde o primeiro momento que eu te vi cantar, já sabia que is ser todo este percurso, e acredito muita coisas melhores vêm ai“, ambas cantam “Entrega”, composto pela Taina, seguindo-se “Sonhos“.

A convidada seguinte a subir ao palco, foi Luísa Sobral, artista que Elisa admira como “um miúdo que admira Cristiano Ronaldo no futebol“, por causa do festival, a forma como compõe, como diz as coisas, parece que tudo sai de forma tão suave e graciosa, Luísa menciona ainda que nunca tinha ficado tão feliz por ouvir as suas palavras na voz de outra pessoa, confessa mesmo que chorou um pouco descontroladamente, e acrescenta que Elisa é a pessoa mais querida do mundo, e ambas interpretam “Se não me amas“.

Taina says that “she made me cry, before entering, it’s not fair” and still “I’m very proud, even, from the first moment I saw you sing, I already knew that this is going to be all this journey, and I believe in much better things will come next“, both sing “Entrega“, composed by Taina, followed by “Sonhos“.

The next guest to take the stage was Luísa Sobral, an artist that Elisa admires as “a kid who admires Cristiano Ronaldo in football“, because of the festival, the way she composes, the way she says things, it seems that everything comes out so soft and graceful, Luísa also mentions that she had never been so happy to hear her words in someone else’s voice, she even confesses that she cried a little uncontrollably, and adds that Elisa is the sweetest person in the world, and both interpret “Se não me amas“.

Elisa + Luísa Sobral > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.03.09

Segue-se então Tomás com quem canta, “Infinito” que a convidou para cantar com ele no seu álbum “Perdoa Se Há Em Mim Pressa Para Ser Feliz” e ainda o tema “Perdido“.

Then follows Tomás with whom she sings, “Infinito” a song included in his album “Perdoa Se Há Em Mim Pressa Para Ser Feliz” and also the theme “Perdido“.

Elisa + Tomás Adrião > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.03.09

A ultima convidada, Marta Carvalho, grande amiga, com quem canta “Lugar” e ainda “Medo de sentir“, dois temas que Marta compôs para Elisa, o ultimo com que ganharam o Festival da Canção, Elisa lembra então que fez dois anos que participaram no Festival, “e não sabemos muito bem como”, e agradeceu a Marta por a ter convidado para cantar o tema, e que lhe permitiu realizar um sonho, que era cantar num festival, e ainda por cima ganhar o festival, que sendo um sonho, estava tão distante, Marta acrescenta, que a musica surgiu no dia em que se conheceram, e que melhor que o prémio, foi a amizade que ficou entre as duas.

The last guest, Marta Carvalho, a great friend, with whom she sings “Lugar” and also “Medo de Sentir“, two songs that Marta composed for Elisa, the last one with which they won the Song Festival, Elisa remembers then that it was two years since they participated in the Festival, “and we don’t really know how“, and thanked Marta for having invited her to sing the theme, and that allowed her to fulfil a dream, which was to sing at a festival, and on top of that to win the festival, which being a dream, it was so far away, Marta adds, that the song came about the day they met, and what better than the prize, was the friendship that remained between the two.


Elisa was born in 1999 on the island of Madeira and soon began to sing at the age of 7, she accumulated

Elisa > Teatro Maria Matos ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.03.09

influences from The Beatles, Ray Charles, Queen, ABBA, The Eagles, her love for jazz appears at 17, leading her to make a Jazz Course at the Conservatory of Madeira.

Elisa is 22 years old studying at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and has joined Great Dane Studios, Mikkel Solnado’s studio, where she is preparing to launch her solo career.

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