Elisa Rodrigues presents “Sonhar” on Friday

Elisa Rodrigues releases a new single next Friday, October 14th. “Sonhar” is the name of the new song and marks Elisa’s return to songs after releasing “Amor Perfeito” at the end of last year.

In “Sonhar”, Elisa Rodrigues reminds us once again why she is one of the most appealing voices in the current Portuguese music scene. Accompanied by Rita Onofre, one of the most promising national performers and creators, Elisa Rodrigues presents us with a sound that is as light as sleep, a soft melody that intertwines with the sweet voice of both artists.

«I was always impressed by how naturally my son would try to walk again right after he fell and how quickly the crying and frustration turned into the strength to try again in a light, simple and uncomplicated way. For me, this song is about that lightness, that pleasure of facing a challenge even though you’re going to get lost many times. About that childlike courage that we need to relearn if we don’t want to give up on dreaming, or on being who we are on the way to our dreams», says Elisa.

With an early career marked by a rapid rise in the jazz universe, thanks to her seductive timbre, Elisa Rodrigues transcends herself in her latest album, “As Blue As Red” (2018), by taking a risk in the composition of most of the songs. . “Amor Perfeito” and the most recent “Sonhar” are the continuation of the path in search of a place that wants to be made to measure for her.

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