Elisa Rodrigues joins seven voices to sing for peace

Elisa Rodrigues invites Ana Cláudia, Elisa, Joana Espadinha, Joana Alegre, Mimi Cat and Rita Onofre, to give voice to her words in “Eu Quero Paz”.

A Capella music, captured through the eyes of Edgar Keats and can be seen here.

Eu Quero Paz” is the result of an informal day in the studio, a collective outburst and the nonconformity of Elisa Rodrigues. A work that goes outside the spectrum that we are used to but in which she continues her journey as a lyricist and composer, a powerful song, sung with seven voices, which protests the reality that surrounds us.

This theme arose from the impotence and impatience I feel.
I am a mother, I know the care and love with which a child is generated and raised. I know that a child’s life is sacred.
The war and the subsequent failure to preserve the life and happiness of children goes against the most basic human instinct, the instinct to preserve the species.
We have to wake up and, each in their own way, contribute to making peace and equal rights go from utopia to reality.
Elisa Rodrigues

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