Elisa Rodrigues returns with new single “Amor Perfeito”

I grew up watching Disney movies, watching princesses who depended on a prince to be saved and happy, others who lost their voices and their most special features just to pursue the idea of ​​perfect love. And I’ve been wondering for a long time what effect this has had on the way I seek and experience love.

This theme talks about the time when I understood that perfect love only exists in a flower and that the flower itself is called that because it has a short life. It talks about trying to give up, but at the same time about the inevitability of falling in love. From the learning that is to find peace and make a home in the good, without wanting the perfect.

Elisa Rodrigues

Amor Perfeito” marks the return of Elisa Rodrigues to songs after reaching the final of the Festival da Canção in 2020 with “No Voltes Mais”, a song written by her, whose interpretation she also defended.

In “Amor Perfeito Elisa Rodrigues signs the authorship of the poem and song again, the latter in partnership with Feodor Bivol, and sings fully with the smile and unmistakable sweetness that she always brings to the text and melody.

With a beginning of her career marked by a fast rise, thanks to its seductive timbre that refers to the universe of jazz, Elisa Rodrigues transcends herself in her latest album, “As Blue As Red” (2018), by risking a great composition part of the themes.

Elisa Rodrigues does not have a linear path. She recorded her debut album “Heart Mouth Dialogues” in 2011 and immediately gained the attention of the music industry and the public. Shortly thereafter, the young promise was eventually recruited to record with the British band These New Puritans, assuming this responsibility on the 2013 album “Field Of Reeds”. some of the most prominent national events such as Vodafone Mexefest, Cool Jazz, MED and Festival F, are leaving their fingerprints on mythical international stages, such as the London hall The Barbican or the Hollywood Bowl, in Los Angeles. In 2018, the edition of “As Blue As Red” marked the return of Elisa Rodrigues to solo, proving that she has a place of her own and that it cannot be occupied by anyone else.

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