Elisabete Ladeira launches “A Aventura de uma Gotinha”

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The children’s book “A Aventura de uma Gotinha”, by Elisabete Ladeira, describes in an amusing way, and in verse, the importance of the water cycle in the quality of life of all of us.

This is a playful reading suggestion for the younger ones on these summer holidays. A work by Flamingo Edições that is also distinguished by the illustrations by Tatiana Dolgova. With a very appealing register, “A Aventura de uma Gotinha” allows children to learn about the successive adventures of a droplet of water that are reflected in the different stages of the formation of life.

With an opportune suggestion for reading, Elisabete Ladeira invites the young readers: “The journey will begin. Are you ready to take off? Come with our droplet, a thousand secrets to unravel! Discover the importance of water, And the lack of it to live… That we have to preserve it and how we can do it. Water is a source of life. You cannot forget. Come with us on this journey. The Water Cycle learn!”

A Aventura de uma Gotinha” is finally available. My book is already on sale, I hope that soon this will be your book too. Finally, the courage to embrace one of my great passions paid off”, stresses Elisabete Ladeira.

Elisabete Ladeira will be present, next Sunday, September 5, at 7 pm, at the Book Fair, at Parque Eduardo VII, in Lisbon. The author of “A Aventura de uma Gotinha” will be at the stand of Chiado Books/Flamingo Edições, Grupo Editorial Atlântico, for an Autograph session.

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